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Gender Assignments

Writing assignments on gender seems not tough to students, particularly at the moment when they are assigned to them. Preparing useful assignment is quite difficult on such common topic because problem with such common topic is that everyone knows about it however no one can write or express his or her knowledge on a piece of paper. Therefore, students require assignment help, because they are not aware of what to write about the gender. A gender assignment must contain elements like definition of the gender, its origin and misconceptions.

Writing Gender Assignment? First Understand Concept of Gender!

Writing a custom assignment on gender seems difficult because customized search on such common topics is quite difficult. Most of the sources just provides with the basic information, not with detailed information. At such moment, students’ basic need is to acquire assignment writing help, as it is the matter of their academic career. Talking about gender assignment, there is a proper method defined for preparing assignments on common topics. At first, definition is must. Gender is defined as the relation between man and women that are socially constructed. Gender is misunderstood often as the word gender promotes the term women only in both positive and negative aspects.

Gender has rules and roles associated with men and women. Now, if a person is seen, who just passes by, it can easily be said that ’he is a man’ or ‘she is a girl’. Well it was pretty easy in the early ages because previously there were only two genders namely male and female. Today, more than two genders are formed and with the first look you cannot tell easily that the person is ‘male’ or ‘female’ as now ‘third party gender’ is becoming more common. If genders do not follow their roles properly, they do have to face some issues such as:

  • If a man or woman does not follow his or her gender roles properly, they are not accepted socially
  • When they are not accepted socially, it leads to decrease confidence and creates problems
  • Third party genders are criticized at large and not accepted by the society creating problems such as mental disorders
  • Economically, women have troubles in finding jobs because of the label ’women’
  • Society is considered as male dominating and thus women are deprived of their rights

Gender Assignment Help

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