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Network Communication Assignment

Data communication and networking or, in nonprofessional language, computer networking has become one of the most promising professions in IT industry for IT students. As per IT experts and professionals, network communication is all about schematically connecting several computers that are placed at some distance from each other. Connection of these distantly situated computers can either be physical as well as virtual, depending upon the architecture they are structured with. Several aspects are to be considered by the IT students when they are asked to design a functional computer network. These aspects largely include the concerns that how the networked computers will communicate and how the information will be sent or received in a network structure. These are only the basics that primarily constitute a communication network assignment. However, when students are given assignments on this particular topic, they are required to be more technical and are expected to have full command over different network types like LAN, WAN, and MAN.

Important Areas of Network Communication for Assignment!

Here is a list of some important topics allied with network communication assignments:

  • OSI 7-Layer Network Architecture
  • Physical Layer & Data Link Layer
  • Network Layer & Transport Layer
  • Session Layer & Application Layer
  • Network Layers as in practice today
  • Video Compression Technology
  • Network Security & Domain Name Service - DNS
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